MRO cluster development


“The Aviolanda aerospace cluster – physically and virtually – links complementary aerospace (MRO) companies, knowledge & trainers that offer products to current and future established, civil and military operators and service providers.”


An essential part of maintenance activities is the availability of new or refurbished components linked to the backend logistics. Repair or replacement orders are derived from MRO activities for which organise inspections are planned. At Fokker Services many of these services are realised in the so-called back shops; small, specialised departments, each dealing with their own component (avionics, moving mechanics, interior, motor, etc.).


Airplanes and helicopters increasingly (partially) consist of composite materials. However, there is still a shortage of knowledge in the area of composite repair. Replacing broken composite parts instead of reparation is therefore more common. Resulting in a a great demand for composite maintenance and inspection services in military and civil aviation. The reparation industry is looking to grow steadily in the near future due to the increasing use of composites and the possibilities to repair them.


The development of unmanned aircrafts is taking enormous leaps. Where this market was mainly dominated by the military, it now occurs in all sizes (from 100 grams to 14 tonnes) and for multiple purposes. There are much smaller business developments due to the legislation lagging behind on the demand. In the Netherlands alone, 60 companies are affiliated with the trade association DARPAS, and because this is such a young development there is a need for a community to exchange knowledge, testing abilities and maintenance & certification.



The Aviolanda Business Club was established in 2013 for the cluster development of companies in and around Woensdrecht. Business Park Aviolanda offers these companies the opportunity to present themselves and explore business opportunities. During the bimonthly business drink event, discussions are held by various parties to introduce companies and possibly form future collaborations.