Een student aan de WCAA vertelt

Een student aan de WCAA vertelt

Patricio Garrido Donoso is 34 jaar en Staff Sergeant FACh bij de Chileense Luchtmacht. Afgelopen twee maanden heeft hij bij de World Class Aviation Academy de opleiding Avionics B (over elektronische systemen in vliegtuigen) gevolgd. Hij vertelt over zijn ervaringen hier.

Could you tell me something about your experience with the World Class Aviation Academy?
I stayed here for over two months and it was very nice to be a guest here. I like three things in particular. First, the instructors are really experienced and they told us stories about their work in the US and also about the Dutch work in Afghanistan. Really interesting to hear. Second, the materials, books and ICT we used were well organised and very practical to use. Third, the staying at Family Land was very comfortable. There was a laundry service and every night a nice menu of sandwiches. Strange to see the Dutch eat sandwiches at lunchtime!

And about your experience in the Netherlands?
I like the people in the Netherlands very much. They were really patient with my English language at the WCAA, but also at the supermarket in Hoogerheide. Many people speak English too, even some of them speak Spanish. Therefore I did my best to learn some Dutch so I can say ‘goedemorgen’! Unfortunately the weather was not that great the last weeks. Before we came to The Netherlands, we saw on internet it would be summer, so I packed a lot of summer clothes. But unfortunately it turned out to rain many days during our stay.

What did you do during your weekends?
We visited Hoogerheide, Woensdrecht and Bergen op Zoom: really pleasant places. I’m used to a bigger city where life is always busy and hasty. These places are quiet, very beautiful and I’m certain good to live in. We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant Tasty Wok, visited Globe Business Travel and I even got a customer card from the supermarket in Hoogerheide. Besides, we visited Amsterdam and even cities outside the Netherlands as Cochem in Germany, Rome and Paris. These cities are easy to travel to for a weekend, from this area.

Did you experience something as difficult during your time with us?
Yes, the courses were not easy, and I had little time during the tests. Luckily, we also followed lessons Technical English which made the content easier.

And would you come back to the Netherlands? And to the World Class Aviation Academy?
In general, these two months were an amazing experience for me. I have to say I’m also happy to go back to Chile, to my family. But I’ll be back, that’s for sure! And I would recommend everyone to study at the WCAA in Hoogerheide.

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