Drone Only

An unmanned aircraft, also known as a drone, is an aircraft without a pilot on board. The devices are controlled remotely.

Growth market

The (further) development of drones is a huge growth market, the same goes for the maintenance of these aircraft systems. At Aviolanda we are working hard on clustering companies that are all dealing in the unmanned aircraft industry. The regional development company REWIN West-Brabant brings together companies and knowledge institutions to work on business development around drones.

Launching drones for safety above sea

The southern North Sea, together with the adjacent Channel, is the busiest shipping region in Europe. Organisations such as the fire brigade, police, coast guard and other rescue services are responsible for safety in this area. Various (international) parties are currently working together to investigate the deployment of unmanned aircrafts above sea and port in the 3i project (completed at the end of 2014) and BERISUAS
More about this in the 3i movie.

More about this in the 3i-video

Safety for West-Brabant

Although the North Sea and the Channel seem far away from West-Brabant, the region does have access to deep-sea water like the port of Moerdijk. These waters are busy with ships that potentially hold dangerous cargoes. In addition, there is a lot of activity in the chemical industry in West Brabant and the neighbouring provinces. Consequences of disasters do not draw at the borders. It is therefore necessary to work well with the neighbouring regions and to be properly equipped with the correct material.

Knowledge Centre Woensdrecht

The unmanned aviation knowledge centre that has been set up in Woensdrecht, provide necessary support by deploying unmanned escape vessels for safety. Examples are knowledge transfers from previous projects, but also the provision of a test environment where, in conditioned circumstances, new technologies can be tested.

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