Aviolanda Aerospace is becoming the aerospace innovation hub for community building and market development. It is the Dutch one stop shop for maintenance and knowledge exchange at the sustainable business park at Woensdrecht Air Base.

Within the sustainable, spatial and economic area development, attention is paid to work, living, personnel, education and research. Of course with excellent accessibility and fantastic facilities such as the runway, park management, hangars and international quality awards.

SINCE 2010

In 2010, space was created at the existing business park for new companies in the aviation industry by restructuring. Companies can now settle themselves at Business Park Aviolanda, either in the business complex “Spirit” or in the business hall “Pioneer”.

At Business Park Aviolanda, companies seek synergy, and use and develop innovative technology. There is an international status by leading companies with quality recognitions that are already located on and around the site.


  • Excellent accessibility and the central location between the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp (Belgium);
  • Presence and use of the operational runway of military airbase Woensdrecht;
  • Presence of qualified personnel due to 60 years of aviation industry experience in Woensdrecht;
  • Sufficient qualified personnel in the future due to presence training centre for aviation technicians;
  • Cooperation between government, entrepreneurs, education and research;
  • A business to business environment, focused on innovation, research & development;
  • Knowledge and experience aimed at both civil and military markets and the possibility to participate in military maintenance, repair and redelivery activities;