Property development


“Business Park Aviolanda takes care of demand-oriented property development for new real estate and also plays an active role in mediation during investments and real estate financing.”


The Pionier is a full service office location with spacious facilities near the Woensdrecht Air Base. The building has been built for entrepreneurs looking for professional office space right at the heart of the aviation sector. The building features three fully furnished offices and four separate workstations/desks. Various coffee corners are scattered throughout the building, making it an ideal area for consultations and team meetings. Tenants can also utilise the meeting rooms and the company restaurant at the Business park.


The Spirit warehouse has a flexible character allowing tenants from different backgrounds, scales and lease contract lengths are welcome to establish their business here. The design has been developed to provide tenants with easy to change interior designs. Tenant-separating walls allows businesses to install the office interior as they wish and gives them the luxury to adapt the interior to their changed situation.


In the autumn of 2014, Business Park Aviolanda renovated one of the existing aircraft hangars in accordance with one of the tenants, Fokker Services. Hangar 3A has been extended by 10 meters on the north side and the hangar door on the south side has been raised to the height of the tailpiece, ensuring that the hangar is fully suitable for MRO and redelivery work for A320/B737 aircrafts. Hangar 3A was partly used for the renovation of an A319, which was an AC&C contract


Business Park Aviolanda maintains a portfolio entailing 60,000m2 of BVO buildings on a site consisting of approximately 30 hectares. Part of the strategy is to gradually redevelop parts of the existing property in collaboration with the tenants; sometimes via BPA other time utilising the other businesses in the park. This will ensure the buildings uphold the requirements of modern trends and the wishes of the new and prospective clientele in the aircraft maintenance and aerospace market. By effectively utilising space flexibility is created for the establishment of new buildings for new clients. This enables the BPA grounds to be used optimally at all times, ensuring contributions to a sustainable development area.