The success of Aviolanda Woensdrecht as a whole is partially due to the implementation of a number of green projects. The aim of the various nature projects is to improve the environment for our people, the plants and animals in our area.



Aviolanda Woensdrecht stands for sustainable economic growth in Brabant, which consequently also gives the living environment and nature a positive impulse. The development area must be filled in in a responsible manner, taking the ecological qualities of the area into consideration. The aim, th

erefore, is to achieve a balanced rise in economical, liveable and nature developments.

Brabantse Wal

Woensdrecht is a beatiful green community which is in the vicinity of the area where the transition from the Brabant sand landscape and the lower Zeeland see clay polder meet. The unique character of Woensdrecht is determined by the Brabant shore, a sand plateau formed in the last ice age, about 10 to 15 thousand years ago. There are very many, sometimes rare, animal species to be found, such as: birds, reptiles, amphibians and various mammals.

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Ecological connection zones

In order to preserve and strengthen this environment, various nature projects have been included on the Green Agenda of Aviolanda Woensdrecht to connect nature reserves. Through these so-called ‘ecological connection zones’ animal species can migrate between different nature areas. Reliant consultation with landowners on the spot is of the utmost importance here.

Green Agenda implementation program

Derived from the complete package of ambitions, the Dienst Landelijk Gebied, has collaborated with involved parties to make an


extract of possible green projects that can be implemented in the coming tests: the implementation program in Green Agenda Aviolanda 2011-2016.