Woensdrecht and surroundings

Gemeente Woensdrecht

The Council of Woensdrecht has more than 21,500 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​10,000 hectares. The community consists of five centres: Hoogerheide, Huijbergen, Ossendrecht, Putte and Woensdrecht. The council of Woensdrecht has a long aviation history. For more than 75 years there has been a runway and an air base right here in the city. Of the 9,000 jobs that the council has, no less than 3,000 are related to aircraft maintenance. No doubt that well-trained and experienced employees can be found in Woensdrecht.


Woensdrecht is strategically located in the south of the Netherlands (North Brabant) on the border with Belgium. There is good access to the A58 / A4 towards the international ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Aviolanda Woensdrecht is also easily accessible by public transport.

Bergen op Zoom (Noord-Brabant) 11 km
Roosendaal (Noord-Brabant) 21,5 km
Etten-Leur (Noord-Brabant) 38 km
Breda (Noord-Brabant) 46,5 km
Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland) 76,5 km
Goes (Zeeland) 40 km
Middelburg (Zeeland) 58 km
Vlissingen (Zeeland) 61 km
Antwerp (België) 36 km

Living and recreating in Woensdrecht

The living environment in this region is very pleasant. The council of Woensdrecht consists, for a large part, of forests and polders. Because of the presence of the outlying area and its location in relation to cities, Woensdrecht is always close to nature, yet still has all facilities within reach.
There are also good educational facilities for children of all ages in Woensdrecht and the region. In addition, there is a rich club life. There are clubs for sports, culture, art and theater.
Woensdrecht has a very active recreational atmosphere, especially for cycling, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. For more information on the tourism opportunities or the recreational possibilities in the area, please contact the VVV Brabantse Wal.

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