‘Operational and financial sustainability are essential for the Air Force. We believe that the right collaborations between the LCW, the industry and knowledge institutes will ensure this.’

Eric Schevenhoven, Commandore Logistiek Centre Woensdrecht


The partnership between Business Park Aviolanda and the Royal Dutch Air Force offers opportunities for business, employment and innovation. Where as the Royal Dutch Air Force is active in the area of ​​military maintenance, the Business Park Aviolanda is active in the field of civil maintenance.

‘About 10 years ago, the Maintenance Valley initiative was established. With his initiative the government aims to cluster aviation-related companies in the south of the Netherlands. Woensdrecht Air Base is the centre and holds a strong link between the industry and the government, which is paramount for this initiative.’ – Commodore Eric Schevenhoven.


Unmanned flights have taken a considerable leap in development in recent years. Although professional flying is perceived to be very restricted where the possibilities are limited, a lot is expected within this industry in the near future. The unique location of Business Park Aviolanda allows companies to legally test or demonstrate new UAVs.


A large part of the civil aviation fleet is owned by lease companies. The ‘conversion’ of equipment for various operators is seeing a growing demand in aviation MRO. The conversion is often completed on behalf of lease companies such as AERCAP and GECAS. During the revision or the maintenance cycle, both the interior and the exterior are adjusted to the colour and style of the new operator.


One of the capabilities that adds value to Aviolanda’s one stop shop offering, is providing aircrafts with a new layer of paint. Within one week, a 180-seater is stripped of the old paint and refurbished with a primer, two new coats of paint and new lettering/logos etc. A large part of the business derives from the redelivery activities provided by Fokker Services. The current supplier has an already established partnership with Fokker Techniek but knows to seek it own new opportunity.


Airplanes and helicopters increasingly (partially) consist of composite materials. However, there is still a shortage of knowledge in the area of composite repair. Replacing broken composite parts instead of reparation is therefore more common. Resulting in a a great demand for composite maintenance and inspection services in military and civil aviation. The reparation industry looks to grow steadily in the near future due to the increasing use of composites and the possibilities to repair them.


An essential part of maintenance activities is the availability of new or refurbished components linked to the backend logistics. Repair or replacement orders are derived from MRO activities for which organised inspections are planned. At Fokker Services many of these services are realised in the so-called back shops; small, specialised departments, each dealing with their own component (avionics, moving mechanics, interior, motor, etc.).