Park management since 2012





At Business Park Aviolanda the established companies work together within park management. This is a cooperative association that provides a number of services for all our branches. The most important are central reception / security / access control, road maintenance, parking, landscaping, water management, lighting and signage.

Park management relieves the companies on these points, so that they can concentrate on their core activities. The companies contribute to these costs, which are recorded in the annual ledger during the annual board meeting. The contribution is proportional to the size of the company and the number of employees.


At the business park there are a number of facilities that contribute significantly to the quality of the park:

– The direct access for business flights to the runway / air base Woensdrecht
– The intense cooperation with companies at the LCW / air base
– The test run capability for engines
– Aircraft stands for Airbus320 / Boeing737 / Fokker100
– The restaurant of Fokker Elmo
– Environmental waste for separate waste collection

The Coöperatie Parkmanagement Aviolanda was founded in 2012.