Business Development

NEW (2021)


Aeronamic is responsible for the manufacturing, production, final assembly, testing and R&O of the Forward Module  as part of the F-35 Power & Thermal Management System (PTMS) which will take place in the company’s main facility in Almelo, The Netherlands.

US Government JPO (Joint Program Office) has selected The Netherlands – Aeronamic as the PTMS Sustainment Center for the F-35 Europe and Asia-Pacific based fleet. The sustainment activities will be executed by Aeronamic Services, to be located at Aviolanda Aerospace in Woensdrecht, estimated to commence as early as 2019.



Fokker Techniek is an integrated organisation, with knowledge-based services and organisations that partner with manufacturers, owners and operators of aircrafts in the continued competitive operation of their fleet by the increasing technical dispatch reliability (TDR Technical Dispatch Reliability) and the comfort of the passengers, while reducing direct operating costs (DOC, Direct Operating Cost).

Today, Fokker Techniek has earned its position as a unique and valuable partner for the global aviation industry by supporting a large fleet of different types of aircrafts.


Fokker Elmo’s mission is to become the leading business in the design, production and support of electrical systems and solutions for the aviation and defence industry. Its core activities are design, integration, production and support of electrical wiring linking systems (EWIS), including flight testing and instrumental cabling systems. Fokker Elmo offers affordable and competitive manufacturing in strategically important regions and supports our customers with participation in the industry.


Since 2013, 4Repair has been a specialised company known for its structural repairs and modifications during base maintenance, line maintenance and AOG repairs. 4Repair offers customers experienced and structured specialisation, including tools, materials and fasteners. 4Repair is able to professionally analyse damaged areas (continuously keeping contact with the engineering department) and consequently inspect and carry out the repair.

The presence of the AM&TS at Business Park Aviolanda means that 4Repair is eligible to be recognised as a training company, which allows them to offer internships to AM&TS students.


Robin Radar develops radar systems to detect small objects like birds and drones. This is relevant for bird strike prevention at military and civil airports, as well as in wind farms. As well as in security markets for early detection of small drones.  Robin Radar originated in the eighties within TNO Defense & Security. In the summer of 2010 it was spun-out to pursue market leadership as an independent company.


Engineering firm TiaT Europe was founded in 1999 and specialises in non-destructive research to detect defects in aircraft structures. TiaT can be divided into three departments: inspection, engineering and consultancy & training. TiaT not only supports customers in conducting inspections on various types of aircrafts, from a Cessna 152 to a Boeing 747, it also assists with the preparation of process manuals and research into inspection methods for composite materials on an engineering level. The course provides training for NDT inspectors at various levels within two categories: Aerospace and Industrial, nationally and internationally.


Dutch Drone Centre is a public-private partnership primarily aimed at safe testing and demonstrating of drones within the controlled airspace of Woensdrecht Air Base. This unique location at Aviolanda Aerospace provides professional drone developers and companies the opportunity to further develop their unmanned aerial systems and their applications. Demonstrations with drones for potential customers are also possible, both for certificated and non-certificated systems or companies. Last but not least, we also offer an off-site location for ab inito and currency drone flight training.


Airline Technical Support (ATS) is specialised in providing technical experts line/base maintenance and re-delivery. ATS’s services include: performing various tests, physical inspections of the aircraft and maintenance tasks for companies with EASA 145 approval. Besides this, Airline Technical Support maintains an open dialog with graduates from the Aircraft Maintenance Academy & Training School, essentially creating more opportunity for its clients and to see if the students can be a possible future asset.


MAAS Aviation provides aircraft painting services to OEM, MRO, airlines, aircraft operators, leasing companies, corporate and government agencies located throughout the World and is regarded as one of the world’s leading paint companies with a reputation for high quality, reliability and service.

ACRATS Training Services

ACRATS specialises in developing and providing courses and training in manufacturing, reparation of composite parts and other lightweight structures such as aluminium sheet metal, sealing compounds and corrosion control. An optimal learning environment is created by linking practical assignments to realistic work practices. In addition, the necessary skills and competences are instilled, which makes the expert even more valuable in their daily work performance.



SPECTO Services (Formerly Airborne Services) provides maintenance and repair services for composite structures, specifically specialising in helicopter rotor blades. The company mainly focuses on shortening the “turn around time” and works closely with the Woensdrecht Logistics Center of the Dutch Air Force. The business unit is part of the SPECTO Aerospace Group which specializes in maintenance and repair of composite parts. The group’s Lelystad facility focuses on support for fixed-wing airraft.


Terma Aerostructures A/S has been a leading provider of advanced aero structures for commercial and military aircrafts worldwide, since 1969. Technical precision, ingenuity and quality are paramount. Terma develops mission critical solutions for aviation and defence, as well as applications for space and civil markets.


Boeing’s expertise covers a wide range of products such as jet fighters, helicopters, cybersecurity products, missile defence and commercial aircrafts. Boeing is working on increasing the capacity of maintenance, repair & overhaul and expansion opportunities for the Dutch industry in collaboration with LCW at the Woensdrecht Air Base.


StandardAero is based at the Woensdrecht Air Base and together with the Woensdrecht Logistics Center forms a public-private partnership with aircraft engine maintenance. The primary product StandardAero will offer is maintenance, repair and overhaul activities on military aircraft engines.


The Dutch Aerospace Centre (known as NLR) is the Dutch knowledge enterprise for the identification, development and application of advanced technological knowledge in the aerospace industry. The activities are relevant to society, market-oriented and are carried out on a non-profit basis and therefore strengthen the innovative power, the competitiveness and the effectiveness of government and business. The activities of NLR cover the entire spectrum of RDT & E (Research, Development, Test & Evaluation), including all important research stages – from validation, verification and qualification to evaluation. This allows NLR to contribute to the innovative capacity and to the strengthening of the competitive position of government and public and private organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.


Thales Netherlands specialises in designing and producing integrated maritime command and control, sensors and communication systems, as well as ground-based air defence systems and telecommunications equipment. Recently, the company’s activities expanded in the civil domain: e-ticketing for public transport in the Netherlands and the establishment of the cyber security branch. Another relatively new market segment is maritime safety and security.


AAR is a leading provider of airline services to the global commercial space and government and defence industry. AAR combines a close-by-customer business model with an array of of opportunities to help customers. This allows them to help them work more efficiently, to achieve lower costs and to maintain a high level of quality, safety and service. AAR is a financially stable, dedicated partner with a permanent commitment to innovation, execution, continuous improvement and value for the customer.


In 1996, ADSE decided to unlock years worth of aviation knowledge and experience for other industries. Nowadays the company has grown to become a business with over 80 aviation expert engineers and consultants. Though they specialise in aviation, our experts are also at home in high tech systems and processes for defence and mobility. Their focus is on what they excel in: advice and implementation. The project approach of ADSE is ISO9001 certified.