Startup AVINO Aerospace will establish itself at Business Park Aviolanda and will go for unique innovations in aerospace technology

Startup AVINO Aerospace will establish itself at Business Park Aviolanda and will go for unique innovations in aerospace technology

The world of aviation is changing rapidly. It has experienced rapid growth and safety invariably plays a major role in this. In addition to introduction of new aircraft, maintenance and repair is extremely important. AVINO Aerospace will focus on immediately applicable maintenance processes and techniques that can be implemented quickly. Paul van IJsselstein, who has been working in the aviation industry since 1986 and is one of the founders of AVINO Aerospace, explains that in recent years he has mainly been involved with new developments in the rapidly changing MRO landscape.

“The wide application of composites in the structures of new aircraft, the faltering supply chain, the increasing lack of skilled labor, the drive to reduce costs due to increasing competition and importance of guaranteeing safety and transparency in the maintenance chain led to the need for transformation of the maintenance process, and to a break with the way aircraft maintenance has been conducted for decades. Autonomy, robotization, digitization and the application of artificial intelligence are the new concepts. These are often referred to as disruptive processes, which are not only technical in nature but will also lead to new revenue and business models. Startup AVINO Aerospace will focus on industrialization and bringing these new techniques to the market”.

Post Covid

Aviation is working hard to recover from the impact of Covid. The industry will have to reinvent itself in all kinds of areas. In that respect, now is a good time to invest in innovation. “We will certainly be working on a new roadmap for this transformation, in which increasing efficiency in the maintenance chain and guaranteeing safety will be central. There is a lot going on and we want to be a part of that.”

AVINO Aerospace

On May 25, 2022, the partners in AVINO Aerospace, Stratagem Group BV, ACRATS Training Services BV and Aerinspect BV will formalize their collaboration in AVINO Aerospace. Paul: “On that day, invitees can get acquainted with the AVINO field lab, the work that has already been done by the AVINO partners and with the first results of combining the knowledge and expertise of the partners. By the way, the partners in AVINO Aerospace are not alone. It has been working with Airbus subsidiary Testia since 2019, a partnership that is expected to continue in the coming years. Collaboration will also be expressly sought with the parties already present at Business Park Aviolanda, such as the DCMC. We are also working hard to get other international parties to participate. In this way, an internationally oriented ecosystem in the aviation industry is created with strong ties to growth markets in the Middle East and Asia. “Thus, we can also open a window from Business Park Aviolanda to those markets,” says Paul. After all, aircraft maintenance is an international business with internationally established procedures and regulations. We cannot successfully develop our business without the input of international players. The playing field within the Netherlands and even within Europe is too small for that. The early involvement of international leading players is crucial to what we do. They are the once experiencing the needs that arise from daily operations of their fleets. Being able to respond quickly with smart solutions is our raison d’être.”

Cooperation in the region

Collaboration within the aerospace ecosystem at Business Park Aviolanda is essential for efficient business operations. “We have to realize that the introduction of new techniques and processes go hand in hand with the timely availability of adequately trained personnel”. That is why organizations specialized in education and training will also be involved. It is important to offer young technicians in training, new and inspiring instruction programs. Paul: “We want to be able to educate young people in the technology of tomorrow and keep them interested in this great work. So, on the 25th of May we will also show how we have done this in recent years with workshops in Brazil and Oman and with the development of the first module in the field of virtual maintenance training.”

Why Business Park Aviolanda

De Brabantse Wal benefits from economic development and Business Park Aviolanda offers an inspiring environment for young people to learn and work. “For the development of our business within AVINO Aerospace, this is an ideal region for good interaction with the intended partners in the ecosystem”. “Collaboration is a key word in aviation. That is why we selected at Business Park Aviolanda as our place of business. It can grow into the innovation hub in aircraft maintenance in the Netherlands and hopefully broader.” Paul van IJsselstein, Director of the Stratagem Group and one of the partners in the new startup, sees a promising future.

AVINO Aerospace
Contact: Paul van IJsselstein

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