Cluster-event smart tooling and wind-up minor aerospace engineering & maintenance (Avans)

Cluster-event smart tooling and wind-up minor aerospace engineering & maintenance (Avans)

Highly attended Smart Tooling cluster event was hosted by the Dutch Drone Centre in collaboration with Rewin, Avans Hogeschool and KicMPi.

The highly attended Smart Tooling cluster event, organised in collaboration with the Dutch Drone Centre, Rewin, Avans Hogeschool and KicMPi, was hosted in the Dutch Drone Centre Drone Lab at Businesspark Aviolanda. For this event the hosts chose to showcase a combination of the final presentations for the minor Aerospace Engineering & Maintenance (AE&M) of the Avans Hogeschool.

The accompanying partner organisations were present, together with companies from the aerospace (maintenance) sector. The event commenced in the morning with the students presenting their projects which was then followed by afternoon activities, which included presentations and demonstrations from our Smart Tooling partners: DOW Chemical, SPIE Nederland, Terra Inspectioneering, Avular, Airobot and Delft Dynamics.

Star presentations highlighted the afternoon which was kickstarted by Peter Voorhans from DOW Chemical who elaborated on robotics by DOW. Johnny van de Poel from SPIE Nederland followed Peter’s informative presentation with his take on “pulling stock” with a drone. This presentation was followed by Steven Verver from Terra Inspectioneering (formerly known as RoNik), who talked about inspections with drones in confined spaces. Additionally, Delft Dynamics showcased their U-drone with Secmen Akbas from BASF which was then followed up by a presentation about the application of Terra Inspectioneering drones by BASF. To conclude the presentations our project partners Joop aan den Toorn from Avular and Airobot’s Jan Leyssens informed the event’s attendees about their participation in the Interreg project, Smart Tooling.

Subsequently, the guests were able to admire the drones and observe drone demonstrations presented by our Smart Tooling partners: Avulat, Airobot, Terra Inspecioneering, Delft Dynamics and SPIE Nederland.

The afternoon was dedicated to flight demonstrations operated by Terra Inspectioneering. Coinidingly, KicMPi gave an interactive workshop about the innovative employment of drones in the maintenance industry.

The day was symbolically brought to an end with drinks and nibbles, which allowed for attendees and organisations to mingle and initiate new partnerships.


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