Fokker Services Group has become a completely new organisation with co-CEOs Menzo van der Beek and Roland van Dijk

Fokker Services Group has become a completely new organisation with co-CEOs Menzo van der Beek and Roland van Dijk

The opportunity to become co-CEO of the company that you know has significant potential and you know how to unlock the potential doesn’t present itself to many people. It is, however, a reality for Menzo van der Beek and Roland van Dijk. Menzo: ‘We decided to embark on this adventure together. We complement each other and that makes it easier to make decisions. That was necessary to transition from a difficult time to becoming a growing company.’ Roland agrees: ‘Being a managing director is a lonely job. It is so much fun to do this together.’

It is not a secret that the aviation industry was particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Fokker Services Group was no exception, according to Menzo. ‘The first two years saw the full-scale reorganisation of our entire company structure, in which we established ourselves as an independent company and no longer a part of GKN aerospace. We eliminated  all superfluous layers of management in order to shorten our lines of communication with the people we work with. Additionally, we wanted to realise improvements in the fields of digitalisation, automation, security, law and HR. We have become a completely different company.’

A unique skill set

Pruning managerial layers within the company has had its positive effects. According to Roland, the true secret behind the company’s recent growth is its investment in its employees. ‘We invest in our people, and we can see the difference. They change, they become excited, their enthusiasm grows, and their drive is contagious. Our clients have been noticing this too, and they see the beautiful things we’re doing. The growth, the new hangar. They like what they see and want to collaborate with us. And then, of course, we deliver and live up to their expectations. That’s how we’ve created growth.’

Of course, Fokker Services Group has their own unique skill set which helps to differentiate the company from the other players in the industry, explains Menzo. ‘Ever since we established ourselves as an independent company, we have been able to adapt much faster and that helps to meet our clients’ needs. Our portfolio contains a broad range of certification, from design, production to maintenance and airworthiness. It truly is a unique set of skills, and our name recognition has only been growing.’

Sustainable and innovative growth 

Fokker Services Group is the overarching organisation behind Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services in Hoofddorp, Singapore, and the United States. So, what does this company do exactly? Roland: ‘We convert and maintain aircraft. Not only do we maintain their various components; we are also involved in the sale and procurement of components and engineering. Lastly, we also perform modifications for engineering projects. Our ambition is to grow, and to do this sustainably. To us, sustainability means long-term stability, so that the people who work here feel safe and well taken care of. Secondly, we want to be a sustainable company that takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. We don’t build new aircraft, so we can’t contribute to creating emission-free airplanes. But what we can focus on is circularity. And we’re getting better and better at reusing materials. This is where we can make – and we are making – a difference.’

A future of collaboration

Additionally, the company is keen to collaborate with other players in the industry. Roland: ‘We’re consciously looking for opportunities to collaborate. The Dutch Royal Airforce, the AM&TS, and all the innovative companies that are part of the Aviolanda Business Park help us do that. We didn’t take advantage of these opportunities in the past, at least not enough, and now we know that collaboration makes us stronger. Together, we’re looking at what we can contribute, at the added value our partners can bring, so that we can collectively offer a comprehensive package of services.’

Menzo agrees and likes how the Aviolanda Business Park has become a springboard for opportunities. ‘There is so much potential, the location is great and it is attractive for other companies to settle here. Moving ahead one step at a time, we can realise plans for the future, and by “future” I mean tomorrow. We want to be realistic and concrete. We want to stop waiting and overthinking things. With that in mind, every day is a highlight for us.’

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