Meet 4Repair: the company that fixes just about anything that can fly

Meet 4Repair: the company that fixes just about anything that can fly

There could not have been a more accurate name for a company that repairs almost anything when it comes to aircraft. 4Repair is your go-to for aircraft components, from flight controls to all the separate parts of an aircraft. Apart from engines, there isn’t a single component that 4Repair does not know how to fix. 

Co-founder and workshop manager of 4Repair Bart de Winne is an expert in maintenance data. ‘I have a wonderful job. There’s hardly anything more enjoyable than being able to fix something, so that it can take off safely again. Although you work according to your qualifications and the information in the manual, every repair job is different. Whether you’re dealing with bird damage or the aftermath of a belly landing; a tiny dent or an entire aircraft; an eight-hour repair job or one that takes 1,000 hours; a helicopter or a regular aircraft… there is tremendous variety in my job!’

Flexibility and expertise

Fortunately, 4Repair has the expertise, knowledge and staff needed to fix just about anything. Bart: ‘One of our greatest achievements was obtaining our EASA Part 145 certificate in 2020. Without this certificate, you are only permitted to perform your repair work under supervision, but once you are certified you can work independently. It’s a long and arduous process that requires unrelenting perseverance, but when you hear that your application has been accepted, you know it was worth the effort.’

The certificate allows 4Repair to apply its own quality system. Apart from independence, it also means greater responsibility, according to Bart. ‘Working independently means you are responsible. Whenever you complete a repair, you are required to provide a lease – an agreement that confirms that you have worked according to the rules and laws of the aviation industry. Whoever issues a lease has final responsibility for the safe operation of the relevant aircraft.’

A place for growth

Thanks to its newly obtained certification, 4Repair can now start focusing more on growth. Bart: ‘Becoming the biggest repair company in Europe isn’t necessarily our goal, but we do want to grow so that we can expand our business here in Woensdrecht. We are more interested in being a healthy company with several employees. Who are we looking for? Flexible people with high quality education. People with a passion for the materials we work with and for the repair industry. This is an amazing place to work. If you are interested in repairs, this is one of the most challenging areas you could work in. It’s a craft, and one in which you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Having our company at Business Park Aviolanda also of benefit to the surrounding area, as many of our employees were trained right here. Growth means we can attract more people and that, in turn, gives the entire region a boost, instead of losing our customers to foreign competitors.’

A future of collaboration

Another goal for 4Repair is to increase its collaboration with its partners at Business Park Aviolanda. ‘The opportunity to work here allows you to achieve so much more. Collaboration within the sector is of benefit to all stakeholders, after all. Imagine what we could do if we would join forces! The Woensdrecht Air Base could become a far more competitive player in Europe. Together, we stand stronger. I envision a future in which collaboration will allow us to scale up our respective business undertakings.’

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